AYN’s Mission & Passion

Active Youth Network (AYN) started in 2012 with a simple mission: “to keep kids active & develop quality character traits” through the participation in youth sports or any extracurricular activity.  This drives our passion and energy to succeed.  Today, we work with hundreds of schools, youth organizations and teams providing improved communication tools and sponsorship fundraising support.  AYN began operations in 2012 with a website product and an advertising/sponsorship model working with schools and youth clubs.  “If we can help a school or club improve communication to its families and community, promote and showcase kids at all levels, raise money for their programs to help families in need,  and assist our schools and club partners to develop these kids into fine young citizens, then we are doing our job!” – Nick Cavarra, President

In 2015, AYN recognized the need for a mobile product and developed a mobile application platform for both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) versions.  This proprietary mobile platform (MSID) targets the very large – and rapidly growing – market opportunity to meet the information and communications needs of schools and clubs,  administrators, coaches, parents, students and local businesses that proudly support them.  With more than 65 million student-athletes, +130,000 schools and clubs, the market is significant and growing.  AYN’s proprietary easy-to-use range of features and personalization options are differentiated in today’s market and uniquely positions us to capture a substantial share of this rapidly growing market segment.

MSID offers an easy-to-use advertiser platform that meets the needs of local businesses and school sponsors, as well as regional and national advertisers who see a need for a more targeted advertising audience.  AYN’s rich media push tool enables advertisers to deliver the right message to the right audience at precisely the right time.  AYN is tapping into the $149 Billion local ad market and already has a quality list of local and national sponsors that support our mission and efforts to raise money for our schools and clubs.

In 2017, AYN proudly partnered with Character.org and begun development work on implementing Character.org’s eleven principles and Promising Practices program to engage students, provide authentic tasks and implement visible learning programs to which students can utilize in their schools, families, sports and local communities.


Email: info@activeyouthnetwork.com or njcavarra@activeyouthnetwork.com

Call: Nick Cavarra (303) 886-5538