Q.  How much does our NEW mobile app cost?

A.  Only $499.  This is a one-time fee.  Fill out the AYN Mobile order form to get started:  Mobile App Form

 Q.  How can AYN make this so affordable?

A.  AYN has developed a proprietary app builder system that enables us to keep our development costs down for youth organizations.  In addition, AYN will be serving youth appropriate advertisements on the apps to help subsidize the costs.  We know that youth clubs and organizations work on a shoe-string budget so it was important to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers.

 Q.  What operating systems will the app run on?

A.  Both Apple iOS and Android devices

 Q.  How do you customize the app for our club/youth organization?

A.  AYN will take content from your existing site and link those pages to your new mobile app.  In addition, we utilize your logo and images from your club to create your very own customized mobile app.

 Q.  What features will we receive from the mobile app compared to just having our website “mobile enabled”?

A.  AYN Mobile provides some very cool features ONLY from a native app.  They include (1) Maps (2) Push Notifications (monthly fee) (3) Calendar/Event changes made remotely (4) a Customized picture card frame (5) Social Media photo editing and sharing (6) Video access and (7) an awesome customized Chalkboard for your specific sport.

 Q.  How much does it cost for a member to download?

A.  AYN recommends offering the app for free to your members.  However, if you wish use the app as a fundraiser; we can work with you on a pricing model that can generate some additional funds for your club or organization.

 Q.  Can we add our Sponsors to the Mobile app?

A.  Yes, AYN encourages you to do so and we suggest you charge an annual fee to your sponsors for their inclusion in the mobile app.  This can help subsidize the cost of the mobile app and/or generate additional revenue for your club.  The club receives 100% of revenue from your sponsors.  AYN would gladly strategize with you the best way to generate revenue from your existing sponsors.  Please note that in order for the sponsor to be included, their website must be “Mobile Enabled” or “Mobile Responsive”.

 Q.  Can we upgrade our website before you build our mobile app?

A.  AYN would be glad to upgrade your existing website and for you to take advantage of our FREE website, hosting and revenue generating platform for youth clubs & organizations.  Here is a link to our AYN Membership Agreement page:


 Q.  How are upgrades and requested items handled by AYN?

A.  AYN will works closely with our customers for feedback and requests to improve the mobile experience for the clubs and their members.  Our initial plan is to release upgrades on a quarterly basis.  Members will simply see an alert on their smartphone to download the latest version of the club’s app.

 Q.  Who do I contact if we have some questions?

A.  Email us at:  info@activeyouthnetwork.com and we’ll get back in 24 hours.