Thank you for taking a few minutes for reading this letter.  I hope you will find it informative and beneficial.  A new board member from the Providence Football Club called me  yesterday to begin working on updating his website and wanted to learn more about Active Youth Network and the services we provide.   As I provided a high level summary to Brent, it occurred to me that most club owners and board members do NOT have a clear understanding how AYN works on behalf of our 200+ members.  So let me begin by stating I am a father of youth athletes, a soccer coach at Real Colorado and the President of Active Youth Network.  We started this business in 2012 with a goal of partnering with clubs to help raise money for clubs, organizations and school sports, provide website and mobile app services and collectively become a  powerful “co-op” of youth organizations. But the primary MISSION is to help kids stay active in youth sports and raise money for ALL of our clubs so they can scholarship families in need.  If we can accomplish that and if we can even help one family in each club we support, then I view our partnership as a success!
So what do we offer to youth clubs or organizations?
1.  Fundraising.  Do you want a turn-key way to make money and not have to take time away from other activities?  If the answer is YES – then let us help you!  We provide local and national sponsorship services on your behalf and we then share the profits back with our AYN members.  No other company offers this program.  If you have a registration-based website, they are costing you money and making money on the ads they sell on your site.  Our goal is to raise thousands of dollars for our clubs each year and we are seeing more and more success each year.  Please email me if you want to learn more and I will share with you our strategy and a sponsorship media kit example.  This is our sweet spot and we CAN start earning money for you immediately.
2.  Website Design.  It is now common that more than 50% of all website page views come from a mobile device.  If your site is not “Mobile” responsive (displays well on a mobile phone), you are losing out on new members as they search for their local clubs.  AYN will build a new site for you – free of charge.  
2a.  If you do not need a website.   AYN works with many clubs that keep their current sites but utilize our expertise in sponsorship ad sales.  A state soccer association recently joined us in Q3 2015 and they are already earning a lot of money through our turnkey services.  If you wish to keep your site – that works for us too!!  We will coordinate and consult with your webmaster to strategically insert the Ad spaces/Sponsorship slots on your current webpages and you can start earning funds immediately.
3.  Mobile Apps.  Active Youth Network will design and build you a mobile app for both Apple and Android phones.  No charge and No Ads.  We do however charge $1.99 to the consumer to help AYN with the costs of service, hosting and support.  We like to tell folks for a “cup of coffee”, you can help support your club and have access to club information and updates.
4.  Push Notifications and Special Offers.  AYN installs our mobile messaging tool on your apps – this enables you to send out unlimited push notifications and special offers from your local sponsors.  Its a very cool tool and we are just scratching the surface as to how this could help our youth club members.
5.  Website Services.  We understand the local gym owner, the local basketball club owner or the volunteers of clubs that work overtime and on top of their normal job to operate a youth organization.  We respect you immensely.   We can also help you.  For a small nominal monthly fee of $15/mo, AYN will manage, host and update your AYN website, coordinate your social media and make sure that you are highly visible on all organic searches so that you are securing new members and retaining the members you have.  Staying updated and relevant on all fronts is crucial to your success.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and we are hopeful that you will reach out to me or my team to learn more about Active Youth Network.    I think you will be pleased with our services and our abilities to raise money for your organization.

Have a wonderful day!


Nick Cavarra