GrassRoots logo largeGrassRoots Mobile Messaging is leading the way in the need for smarter app tools for publishers and retailers.  By 2016, 90% of smartphones will be enabled with GPS technology.  As this paves the way for location-based services through various triggers such as Ge0-Fencing and Beacons, it’s no wonder the total value of the global, real-time, mobile location-based advertising and marketing market is expected to reach $9 billion by 2017.

Already, 76% of marketers are using real-time mobile marketing techniques.  But this should come as no surprise because of the success of location-specific advertisements. Marketers have found location ads to be more effective than other mobile targeting strategies, as they produce double the click-through rate.

Whether you are trying to deliver coupons, live pricing updates, or flash sales to increase foot traffic, Grass Roots Mobile Messaging will deliver the right message to the right place at the right time!