Welcome to AYN’s GrassRoots Mobile Messaging where advertisers and AYN Partners can increase their user engagement by marketing their products & services at the grass roots level…directly to the mobile device.  Through our next generation Mobile platform, GrassRootsMM is able to deliver contextual or rich media advertisements via push notifications to a targeted audience.   GrassRoots MM offers a unique opportunity for consumer engagement and for a NEW and FRESH kind of conversation between the brand and consumer – one that is personal, relevant and direct – but respectful of the user’s preferences. 

AYN’s GrassRoots Mobile Messaging offers a unique and targeted platform to (1) Capture,  (2) Engage,  (3) Convert and (4) Retain Customers.  See below for some of GrassRoots Mobile Messaging delivery options.

Simple Push Notifications

Simple Push Messages are ideal for our youth club/school partners to deliver a contextual message to their membership:

  • Fields are closed due to lightning!  Stay Safe!
  • Reminder: Registration ends Friday!
  • News  Updates! (see ESPN example below)


Rich Media Messaging (RMM)

AYN’s GrassRoots Mobile Messaging platform has taken push notifications to the next generation with Rich Media Push Notifications. No longer are messages limited to plain text.  Advertisers can deliver a fully-branded message (including image and video) to a specific and targeted audience.


Location Based Messaging

Geo-Targeted push notifications can be a great way for business to engage with audiences near their locations or sponsors of events with specific location(s).   Geo-Targeting options are ideal for GrassRoots Mobile Messaging media clients that are interested in driving incremental revenue from their apps or retailers utilizing beacons to increase foot traffic into their local stores.  In addition, Geo-Targeting is also ideal  for AYN customers that wish to target moms, dads and families traveling to youth sporting events or activities.



In-App Chat Messaging

Provides organizations a “Sponsorship” opportunity to reach an elite or exclusive audience.  For example, Children’s Hospital Colorado is offering a Q&A discussion on Concussions for all Real Colorado soccer families.