Corporate interest in local sponsorship as a way to promote a brand and expand sales continues to increase in 2016.  In the U.S., the world’s largest sponsorship market is projected to grow 4.5% this year to more than $22.4 billion.  More and more opportunities exist for brands to partner with sports organizations and other youth programs on a local or regional level.  Corporations recognize the attractiveness of reaching a targeted loyal audience and supporting the efforts of our youth.   Active Youth Network partners with local clubs to secure sponsors on a commission-based fee basis.  AYN works closely with their clubs and organizations to strategically align sponsors appropriately with the organization to create a value-added, win-win combination.  There is not out of pocket expense to the local club or organization.   AYN provides a turnkey approach to securing much need dollars to local programs.   AYN works with youth organizations on a one to one level, in a regional co-op or through AYN SportsNet at the national level.  If you would like to increase your club revenue and sponsorship base, contact Nick Cavarra at 303-886-5538 or to get started.