AYN Overview

Every Great Business Solves a Problem

As parents of kids in youth sports we watched a problem grow year after year: the rising costs of youth sports and the burden it’s placing on families.  So in 2012, AYN was formed with this question in mind:

“What if we could create a national network of youth sports & school websites and sell advertising to (family friendly) companies seeking to align their brands with club and school sports?”

Today, AYN works with hundreds of youth clubs, schools and organizations across the U.S.  We help our AYN members by:

  • Designing a customized, mobile responsive website to clubs and schools with superior content and navigation and professionally integrated ad units. FREE of CHARGE!
  • Providing native mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices to improve communication and provide added-value to members.
  • Offer a highly valuable engaged audience of parents, kids, coaches, and supporters to local and national advertisers

And as a fundamental aspect of our mission statement….50% of the net advertising sales is given back to AYN member clubs and schools.  

AYN is building a robust,  online community where members, partners, and advertisers are PARTNERS in the enterprise, defined by the belief that youth sports are important for building our kids skills, character and success in life.

It’s a win-win-win.  Please contact us today and get engaged with our Active Youth initiative!

Email: info@activeyouthnetwork.com or njcavarra@activeyouthnetwork.com

Call: Nick Cavarra (303) 886-5538