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Recent Testimonials from AYN Members 

Achieve testimonial I am very thankful to have partnered with AYN.   We love our site and mobile app!  And the money we have made has been outstanding!   Alan Herron

Owner, Achieve Gymnastics

Stin VB testimonial Since dropping our registration web services with another company and partnering with AYN, my club SAVES over $1000/year!  And I like the site is much easier to update and maintain! Lawrence Alonzo

Owner, Arizona Sting BB and Arizona Sting VB

R 933 testimonial AYN is simply the BEST company I have worked with in along time.  We love our new LOGO and their customer service and willingness to help me with our region has just been outstanding.  I would recommend them to any youth club or school organization!!! Sandy Metzler

Regional Commissioner, AYSO Region 933

WAFC testimonial I have been with AYN for almost 3 years.  They are a great partner and have truly helped our club grow! Paul Mulvany

Director of Coaching, Westminster AFC

AYN Blog

Should I build a Website or a Mobile App?

AYN provides both and you SHOULD have both in your marketing arsenal to grow your youth club or organization.   Sometimes you get so busy making things you forget to stop and discuss what you do with your peer group. Thanks to the group of digital professionals from Vladimir Jones, Cactus Marketing, MJD Interactive, and Mondo Robot for coming to Karsh Hagan to chat about a question that is top of mind in the digital era: should you build a website or a mobile app? The short answer is: you probably need both. Here are 9 important takeaways from the discussion we had as a group. Defining The Need If you are starting with the phrase “we need a mobile app,” then you have not thought through what your objectives are very clearly. Step 1: Define your users and their needs and document your goals and requirements. Step 2: Define your user interfaces. It’s likely that your users will need multiple interfaces as you build a relationship with them. Providing Utility Often, the more utility or functionality you need to deliver the more likely you are to want a mobile app experience. Native mobile applications are better suited for performing complex interactions you repeat over and over again in context. However, this is not always the case; always refer back to point 1. It’s About Your Users; Not About You Employ user centered design and focus on the features that are the most important to your users and prioritize these for release in your agile management software like Trello. Interview your users, ask them open-ended questions about what they... read more

Mobile Messaging App Usage Soars Worldwide

Active Youth Network is helping youth clubs stay on top of the technology curve by implement GrassRoots Mobile Messaging in our mobile platforms – providing clubs, schools and organizations with unlimited push notification and rich media messaging tools.  Check out this recent article in MediaPost. Driven by Facebook and other market leaders, more than 1.4 billion consumers will use mobile messaging apps this year.  That’s according to the latest projections from eMarketer. If accurate, the fresh figure will represent a 31.6% increase in usage rates, year-over-year.  Worldwide, that means 75% of smartphone users will use an over-the-top (OTT) mobile messaging app at least once a month, this year. Moreover, the popularly of messaging apps has not peaked. Rather, by 2018, the number of chat app users worldwide will reach 2 billion — representing 80% of smartphone users. Cathy Boyle, senior mobile analyst at eMarketer, attributes the mobile messaging boom to several factors. “Some of the key drivers of mobile messaging’s growth include consumers’ growing interest in intimate forums for social sharing, the multiple modes of communication offered by messaging apps and the growing number of features offered, including peer-to-peer payments and mcommerce,” Boyle explains in a new report.  Thanks to significant reach in more than 20 countries, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — both owned by Facebook — are officially “global powerhouse” apps, by eMarketer’s reckoning.  Mobile phone messaging apps is defined by eMarketer as services that provide private one-to-one or one-to-many communication between registered users, where messages and calls are then transmitted via data connections and the mobile web on a regional basis.  OTT messaging apps have shown heavy... read more

How does AYN help YOUTH Clubs & Orgs?

Thank you for taking a few minutes for reading this letter.  I hope you will find it informative and beneficial.  A new board member from the Providence Football Club called me  yesterday to begin working on updating his website and wanted to learn more about Active Youth Network and the services we provide.   As I provided a high level summary to Brent, it occurred to me that most club owners and board members do NOT have a clear understanding how AYN works on behalf of our 200+ members.  So let me begin by stating I am a father of youth athletes, a soccer coach at Real Colorado and the President of Active Youth Network.  We started this business in 2012 with a goal of partnering with clubs to help raise money for clubs, organizations and school sports, provide website and mobile app services and collectively become a  powerful “co-op” of youth organizations. But the primary MISSION is to help kids stay active in youth sports and raise money for ALL of our clubs so they can scholarship families in need.  If we can accomplish that and if we can even help one family in each club we support, then I view our partnership as a success! So what do we offer to youth clubs or organizations? 1.  Fundraising.  Do you want a turn-key way to make money and not have to take time away from other activities?  If the answer is YES – then let us help you!  We provide local and national sponsorship services on your behalf and we then share the profits back with our AYN members.... read more